What would you say (about your brand) when you have a million of expecting (pregnant) women in front of you?

Let's work together.
You prepare the message.
We wrap it up and bring the Moms.

Why choose Us?

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DOParents' urge to search for information

Pregnancy season is the only season in life that actually triggers parents-to-be to learn and find out more about what's ahead.

Why choose Us?

WHY EDUCATE OUR CUSTOMERSEducated consumers educate others

People share what they know especially when it comes to pregnancy and baby.

Why choose Us?

WHY USE EDUCATIONAL METHODEducation stays forever

Products and innovations may come and go, however in life there are wisdom and knowledge that just works through generations, no matter how fast the world shifts.

Our Products

Forget hit and miss. It's time for measurable and effective approach.
All of our products are designed to support your brands in developing and delivering the right message to your segmented target market 100%.
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Babyo Journey

Content Creation - Video & Article

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Babyo Content Advertisement & Promotion

Educational Weekly Ads

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Babyo Voice

Home Tester & Sampling Program

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Babyo Session

Weekly Gathering & Events

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Our Features

Partner With Us

We understand that connecting with your target market is as hard as rocket science, but we genuinely want you to succeed. We connect your brand with the suitable market that we believe will love your brand as much as you do.
Benefits Promoting

Awareness & Consideration

Seen by hundreds of thousands, potentially converting leads to purchase

Benefits Promoting

Targeted Audience

You can set your own publishing date, cities, gender, and age according to your target customer

Benefits Promoting

Effective Marketing

Promote your content according to your budget in Babyologist website and social media channels


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